About Educate Virtually

Educate Virtually provides Online Training with the following curriculums:

Our faculty members possess a wide range of skills and practical application experience which drives our courseware development. The goal is transfer knowledge to you that is useful and applicable across all aspects of your organizations operations.

Continuing education via online learning provides the flexibility for integration into your busy schedule. The purpose is to make proven course offerings available to anyone via the internet.

The field of Operations Improvement is in high demand by employers. These skills are applicable for any organization's operating processes, delivery of services, or production. Make your resume stand out with Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, and Kaizen Facilitator training and certification.

Certification proves to employers that you have learned and can apply the tools, methods, and techniques for the related operations improvement curriculum. Both you and your organization will benefit from higher productivity, efficiency, and quality in all aspects of business operations.

EducateVirtually.com was created in March of 2009 by Process Predictability Management, Inc. and has been affiliated with the Management Development Institute of Missouri State University since 2003 and delivers Certification Courses in Operations Excellence on the topics of Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, and Kaizen Facilitator.