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Course content is in the form of mp4 videos and Adobe Flash objects. We have tested both the Puffin Browser and the Photon Flash Player. Student feedback has rated the Photon Flash Player as the best experience. It is available from Google Play or the iTunes Store.

Course modules that contain quizzess, or even a module that is an exam, have 2 tracking mechanisms for reporting. All slides must be viewed to register the check for completion.  The quiz must be passed to register the check for passing the module. When the quiz or exam is completed you will see a screen that shows your score and the results. There is a button that says "FINISH" that has to be clicked to display the final slide in the module. You will now see check marks for both completion and passing of the module.

Our courses are accredited by Missouri State University's Management Development Institute. A value for CEU in hours is associated with each course that is 1 hour or longer. Courses that are less than 1 hour do not offer CEU hours and are designated as 0 CEU.

As long as your subscription is valid you have all the time you need to complete a course.  Access to courses is provided 24 / 7 so the schedule is yours.

Courses are comprised of the following:

  • Online materials in the form of presentations, videos, software demonstrations and simulations, interactive elements, quizzes, and final exams.
  • Course Workbook in a pdf format with space for note taking if printed out.
  • Support materials in the form of spreadsheets, word documents, pdf, and data sets specific to the course.
  • Course Completion Certificates with applicable CEU hours are in your transcript folder for download and printing.

Short "single video" courses do not have any support materials.

There are two places for answers to questions:

  1. Send an email to HELP@EducateVirtually.com and you can expect an answer within 12 hours, if not sooner, depending on time zone.  We operate out of the Eastern Time Zone in the United States.
  2. Attend one of the online Coaching Sessions broadcast live twice per month. Requires a Premium Annual Subscription.
  • In most cases either MS Office, OpenOffice.org, or LibreOffice.org Productivity Suites will suffice.
  • Analytics courses and certification courses require either Minitab, SigmaXL, or JMP Statistical Analysis Software.  All are available on a 30 day free trail basis.
  • When a course is completed you receive a Course Completion Certificate and are awarded the appropriate CEU hours.
  • Certification proves that you can apply what you have learned by completing a project using the tools and methods learned in the course.  Each certification course has specific requirements that are clearly spelled out within the course.  Templates are provided for project reporting and certification review. All certifications are issued by Missouri State University's Management Development Institute.
  • We provide coaching and guidance to assist you in the certification process.

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