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Management Development Institute,
Missouri State University

MDI provides quality professional education to individuals and corporate clients, in order to enhance careers and foster workforce development. MDI acts as a strategic partner with organizations to build workforce and leadership capabilities. The Management Development Institute, an outreach department for the Department of Research and Economic Development and Missouri State University, provides quality professional education to individuals and corporate clients.

MDI provides our Geen Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Certifications in Lean Six Sigma and the Kaizen Facilitator Certification. provides everything most people need in an office productivity suite. It was designed as a single piece of software, which makes for high quality and a consistent user experience. It is actively developed with several releases every year. The main components of the Suite are the Writer wordprocessor, the Calc spreadsheet, Impress for presentations,Draw for graphics, and the Base database. It is Free and fully compatable with MS Office products.

Minitab Statistics Software

Improve the quality of your goods and services with the leading statistical package used in data driven operations improvement programs worldwide. Analyze your data with the world's easiest statistical software.

QI Macros SPC Software for Excel - for All Your Lean Six Sigma Needs

QI Macros is the most affordable, easy-to-use, SPC software program you can find.  This add-in installs right on your Excel toolbar.   In just three easy steps, QI Macros draws Pareto charts, control charts, histograms with Cp Cpk, box whisker plots, scatter plots and more.  Just select your data and then one of the charts from the QI Macros menu.   QI Macros will do all of the math and draw the chart for you.

QI Macros contains over 100 Lean Six Sigma templates to help with your project documentation needs.  Templates include an automated fishbone diagram, value stream maps, QFD, DOE and Gage R&R.   QI Macros performs statistical analysis including ANOVA, t-test, F-test, and regression analysis.  And it’s the only statistical software that interprets the results for you (e.g. reject or accept the null hypothesis, mean / variances are the same or different). 

QI Macros is used in 2,500+ hospitals and thousands of manufacturing companies world-wide.  QI Macros is a single user perpetual license with no annual fees.  No charge for technical support. Academic and quantity discounts are available.  It’s compatible with PC and Mac and Excel 2000 to 2013.

Free training resources and a 30 day trial is available at

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JMP Statistical Discovery Software

What if you could explore your data to see the story behind the numbers? You can. Created by SAS for statistical discovery, every product in the JMP software suite is visual and interactive, comprehensive and extendible. No matter what your field, we have a product that will help you connect with your data — whether you are new to statistical analysis or are a seasoned statistician.

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SigmaXL Statistics Sofware, MS Excel Add In

SigmaXL is a leading provider of user friendly Excel add-in tools for statistical and graphical analysis. Our flagship product, SigmaXL was designed from the ground up to be cost-effective, powerful, and easy to use. It allows users to measure, analyze, improve, and control their service, transactional and manufacturing process. As an add-in to the already familiar Microsoft Excel, SigmaXL is ideal for Six Sigma training and is used by leading consultants. It is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Six Sigma professionals. Priced at $249, SigmaXL is a fraction of the cost of any major statistical product, yet it has all the statistical and graphical functionality most people need.

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QFD Capture

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is the systematic process planners need to help understand why customers want what they want. QFD uses cross-functional teams to identify, understand and document unrealized knowledge involved in planning products, processes, services and strategies which become better then what the competition has to offer.

QFDcapture Professional Edition is the indispensable tool for any planning process, from basic to complex. The software has a decision model focus (the Roadmap), rather than a single House of Quality (HoQ) focus. Having a decision model focus means you can set up and interlink a collection of lists, matrices, and documents to construct a decision making model for your project. This decision making model can be high level (a single HoQ) or detailed (many HoQs cascaded from one to another) or something in-between.

A QFDcapture model enables you to collect, analyze and manage qualitative data to give you an accurate understanding of your competition space, your customer expectations, the constraints regulation impose and the needs of your business. The model will also:

  • Help you develop a prioritized list of what customers expect to see in your products, services or strategies
  • Help you translate customer expectations into specifications your designers can understand and act on
  • Help you develop an ordered list of what steps your company must take to satisfy customer requirements
  • Help you plan products, services or strategies with fewer mid-point corrections
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Florida Institute of Government,
Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University’s Institute of Government has been offering high quality programs and services to the local professional community for more than 30 years – always with an emphasis on the practical application of skills and concepts learned. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of every client.

We want to hear from you regarding the programs or services you are interested in. Our goal is your repeat business by first responding to, and then exceeding, your expectations. Let us know how we can help you.

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Association for Talent Development

Association for Talent Development was formerly the American Society for Training and Development. The Southwest Florida Chapter provides monthly learning events to keep trainers, educators, mentors, coaches, and facilitators abreast of the latest tools and methods for the development of talent in organizations and individuals.