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Geri E.H. McArdle, Ph.D., has been a successful human resource manager, educator, and consultant in both the public and private sections. Dr. McArdle was recently selected as the outstanding faculty member of the year in the Department of Business Administration and Management at the Johns Hopkins University. She has served a doctoral fellow at the Philosophy of Education Research Center at Harvard University. She has written several books and has been a consultant for many of the Fortune 100 companies, including AT&T, the Xerox Corporation, the Department of State and the White House.

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About the Managing Difference Course, soon to be released.

This course discusses some of the wide range of factors that come into play when we attempt to manage differences. You can expect to acquire an understanding of the factors motivating individuals when they encounter differences – differences that ultimately result in conflict. You will gain insights into effectively managing these types of disputes. And you will be able to apply these tools to everyday situations at work, at home and in social settings.