Advanced Course in Design of Experiments

January 22th, 2014

Tags: Design of Experiments, Experiment Design, Statistical Experiment, Taguchi Method

The Advanced Course in Design of Experiments is a comprehensive "how to" guide for the design and analysis of complex statistical experiments. The course features training presentations, instructional videos, statistical software demonstrations, interactive quizzes and final exam, and an experiment simulator so you can try all the methods taught in the course.

All presentation materials are available as downloads in a pdf format. All tools, templates, and data sets are provided as well. The total estimated seat time for this course is 8 hours. The more experiment simulations you do will add to that time, but you will benefit as your craft is honed! This course is valued at 8 CEUs.  Support for the course can be had by sending emails to as with all of our courses.

Minitab is demonstrated but JMP, or SigmaXL can be used as well for statistical software. These software packages are available with 30 day free trails. The pre-requisite for this course is DOE Basics, although the course can be taken without this base of knowledge, it is recommended. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn How To Design an Experiment
  • Refresh your understanding of DOE Basics
  • Learn to apply Design of Experiments to handle complex situations
  • Learn how to use Minitab and Excel Spreadsheets to design and analyze statistical experiments
  • Learn how to evaluate interactions, multiple responses, signal to noise performance metrics, response surfaces, simulations, and noise factors

Course Requirements:

  • Access to Minitab, JMP, or SigmaXLstatistical software
  • Understand how to use MS Excel or OpenOfficeCalcspreadsheets

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