How to Analyze Any Process

December 30th, 2013

Tags: Process Analysis, Operations Improvement, continuous improvement, Process Improvement

Getting started with the analysis of a process often feels like an insurmountable task. The following will help by breaking the analysis into ten small steps. These 10 steps are how you can analyze any process.

  1. Define and name the process. It sounds a little simple, but what process are you going to analyze?
  2. Determine which performance measures are important for the process and its customers.
  3. Map the process steps.  A SIPOC process map is a good start.
  4. Collect enough performance measure data to set a baseline.  Usually that is 20 to 25 data points plotted on a Process Control Chart.
  5. Conduct a Process Classification Cause and Effect for each process step in the SIPOC from the beginning to the end. Identify the potential variation contributors.
  6. Apply the Nominal Group Technique to rate, rank, and narrow the field of variation contributors to identify root causes of performance issues.
  7. Define the hypothesis tests to conduct that will validate the root causes.
  8. Define, prioritize, and plan your corrective actions.
  9. Implement the corrective action plan.
  10. Monitor the process performance measures to validate the corrective actions.

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