Lean Six Sigma Getting Started Game Plan

October 11th, 2012

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The following is the general game plan for going forward with Lean Six Sigma within an organization following a comprehensive diagnostic to establish the current baseline performance and identify key areas for improvement.

  • Leadership Team review of Diagnostic Results and Improvement Project Prioritization and Selection
    • Result review and discussion
    • Opportunityidentification and improvement project descriptions
    • Company scorecard review, rating, and ranking
    • QFD priority setting of projects based upon impact to scorecard
    • Selection of 1st wave of 3-5 projects based upon resource capacity
    • Staffing of the 1st wave of projects (3-5 people per project team)
    • Training requirements determination
  • Typically there are 2-3 waves of improvement projects, with each wave having a duration of 3 to 6 months, generally with some overlap in months 3 to 4 to begin the next wave of projects.
  • Success in a timely manner requires project teams are allowed to spend between 15% to 20% of their available time to work on projects during the week.
  • A member of the leadership team is the sponsor and champion for each improvement project.
  • Teams are trained in the methods appropriate for the projects they are tackling.  You should follow a train and do approach.  Breakout sessions during training focus on application within the workplace.
  • Phase exit reviews are scheduled between the teams and the leadership team to foster two way communications.
  • Performance metrics are employed for tracking the progress and success of the project teams.

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