Lean Six Sigma Saves Tax Dollars for Federal Bureau of Prisons Medical Centers

August 06th, 2012

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The Medical Centers for the Federal Bureau of Prisons have embraced Lean Six Sigma and Process Design for Six Sigma as the method to reduce waste and minimize variation in their processes.  So far, the project teams have saved many millions of our tax dollars.  In conjunction with reducing costs the projects are also tackling inmate integration back into society after their sentences have been completed.

Some of the projects have successfully tackled the following issues:

  • Inventory Management of Medical Supplies
    • Solution - Implement Kanban Inventory Management
  • Laboratory Testing Cycle Time
    • Solution - Process Layout and Workflow
  • Bio-Hazardous Waste Reduction
    • Solution - Process Re-Design
  • Inventory Management of Food Supplements
    • Solution - Choice Reductions, Kanban Inventory Management
  • Temperature Control for Perishables
    • Solution - Centralized Remote Monitoring of Mission Crtical items

The next round of projects is equally impressive.  We are proud to have conducted the training and supported the teams toward their Lean Six Sigma Certifications as Green, Black, and Master Black Belts.  The newest projects are the following:

  • Reduction of Overtime Hours at the Medical Facility - Correctional Staff
  • Hand Washing and Sanitation in Cancer Wards
  • Improve the Transition from Inmate to Contributing Member of Society
  • Reduction of Overtime Hours at the Medical Facility - Medical Staff
  • Allocation of Bed Space by Medical Condition and Facility Capability

The teams have begun and more of our tax dollars will be saved!  Just think how much Government Spending could be reduced by eliminating waste and reducing variation by applying Lean Six Sigma.  Just Imagine....

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