Process Design for Six Sigma Course

February 23th, 2011

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The Process Design for Six Sigma Course will teach you the DMADV five phased approach to new process development.  The five phases of the DMADV approach are Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Validate.

To facilitate the course we follow an actual new process being developed, a Quality Management System, step by step using the Process Design for Six Sigma method.  You will see first hand how the deliverables lead to the creation of the new process.

You will be provided a set of tools that can be used to develop a new process following the DFSS, Design for Six Sigma methodology.  The course features animations, videos, interactive quizzes, and a final exam.  The course takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes of total seat time.  No module within the course is longer than 30 minutes.  There are 20 modules in this course which includes 6 quizzes and a final exam.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Course Outline
    • Introduction and Overview
    • Process DFSS Toolkit Downloads
    • Introduction Quiz
  • Process DFSS Course
    • Define Phase
    • Define Quiz
    • Measure Phase
    • CTQ Tree Video
    • Voice of Customer QFD Video
    • Function Analysis Video
    • Measure Quiz
    • Analyze Phase
    • Analyze Quiz
    • Design Phase
    • Design Quiz
    • Validate Phase
    • Validate Quiz
  • Process DFSS Course Wrap Up
    • DMADV Deliverables Review
    • Final Exam

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