Pyramid Writing and Personality Profiling

December 26th, 2012

Tags: personality profiling, pyramid writing, business writing, dealing with personalities

We have just adding some non-technical business skills courses that are essential to implementing your improvements.  The Pyramid Writing course provides a guide to effective written communications. Your communications become terse and to the point. The reader will quickly understand your point of view because the active voice is used.  The Personality Profiling Course will teach you how to best communicate with the various personalities of the people within your organization. Communication is the key to driving continuous operations improvement, so why not learn how to deal with the traits of Directors, Analyzers, Supporters, and Persuaders.

Pyramid Writing Course Contents

  • Introduction to Pyramid Writing
  • Resume Example
  • Single Words versus Phrases
  • Active versus Passive Voice
  • Writing When You are Mad
  • Three Interactive Quizzes
  • Writing Exercise - Use what you learned
  • Toolkit Download

Personality Profiling Course Contents

  • How to Handle Communication Breakdowns
  • How to Handle Emotional Hot Buttons
  • How to Identify a Personality Profile
  • Relating to Analyzers
  • Relating to Directors
  • Relating to Persuaders
  • Relating to Supportes
  • Toolkit Download

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