QFD Process Design Roadmap

July 31th, 2009

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The task of designing a new process or dramatically improving an existing process can seem overwhelming. Quality Function Deployment, QFD, provides a collaborative tool to guide decision making and trade off evaluations. QFD contrasts “What” the customer wants with “How” the “What” will be satisfied. The Process Design Roadmap assures that the newly designed process will successfully meet customer requirements.

We begin with capturing the Voice of the Customer requirements for the process being designed. Often, the VOC comprises External Customers, Internal Customers, and the suppliers to the process. A series of criteria are applied to collaboratively weight and rank the requirements.

The first QFD matrix defines the functional requirements for the process. Just what is it that the process is supposed to do? Each function is then evaluated for its relationship to the delivery of each customer requirement. They are scored only where relationships exist. The outcome is the list of prioritized functions that drive meeting VOC requirements.

The second QFD matrix designs the process. To meet the functional requirements we need processes and IT support systems. These are input into the QFD and compared against the prioritized list of functions. We then assess if our process design can deliver the functions that will satisfy the Voice of the Customer. During this iterative QFD analysis the outcome is the new process design, with a ranking of processes and systems that are critical to success.

The last QFD matrix designs the organization that is required to run the processes. Roles, responsibilities, skill sets, structure, and staffing are determined.

The results from the QFD roadmap are:

  • A comprehensive design of the processes and IT support systems
  • A completed organization design that will manage and execute the processes
  • And it all ties back to the Voice of the Customer Requirements

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