The Importance of Planning Data Collection

December 27th, 2011

Tags: data collection, data collection plan, problem solving, Operations Improvement, quality

Whenever we are trying to improve a process, a product, or the delivery of a service information, or data, is required to zero in on the root causes of the problems that are getting in the way of success. Generally, there are numerous questions that we need to answer. The answers are within the data that we collect.

Planning the data collection narrows our focus to assure we get the right data that will answer the burning questions we have about the problems facing us and the root causes of those problems. A data collection plan is comprised of the following:

  • Questions that we want to answer about the process, product, or service delivery
  • Types of data required to answer the questions
  • How will we measure, or collect this data?
  • Stratification and Environmental factors, will they have an influence?
  • Sampling plan, just how much data do we need?
  • Does the measurement system provide us with reliable, repeatable, and reproducible information?
  • Finally, the who, what, where, when, and how much logistics for collecting the data.

Before collecting any data make sure there is a well defined purpose for gathering the information, which is supported by a detailed plan. The usual reasons for collecting data are the following:

  • Verify that the problem is real
  • Determine the relative importance of the problem
  • Communicate, or Sell, the problem to others
  • Solve the problem!

The Importance of Planning Data Collection is to prepare us to Efficiently Take Actions that will Solve the Problems facing us.

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