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March 05th, 2015

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Have these ever happened in your Business?

  • Decisions made backfire, fail to solve the problem, or create additional issues you didn’t plan for?
  • Productivity and Quality issues hamper your customer’s experience?
  • Quality issues impact your costs and profits?
  • Problems that have been solved have to be solved again and again.
  • Your management teams and employees work hard and believe they are making the right decisions in the best interest of the company and its customers. They continuously address quality and productivity issues and solve lots of problems.

The results are in and most companies:

  • Carry 30-50% too much inventory
  • Endure lead times 80% longer than actually necessary
  • Fail to meet demand by wasting 20% or more of Capacity
  • Consume 20% or more of COGS on Quality and Productivity Issues
  • Underutilize space by as much as 25%

Here are a few more questions so you can understand why the results are, what they are.

  • Do you know what your processes are and what they are supposed to deliver?
  • Do you measure your process performance?
  • Do you measure your service delivery and its ability to meet customer requirements?
  • Do you measure your product’s customer requirements and functionality?
  • Have you aligned specific performance metrics for each level of your organization?
  • Do your management teams make decisions without supporting data and analytics?
  • Do you ever have to solve problems that were previously solved?

Here are solutions for your organization to address issues facing you now and into the future.

  • Impact your culture with training and its implementation.
  • Make Teamwork and Communication a core principle.
  • Learn how to understand the Voice of your Customers and their requirements.
  • Determine the appropriate metrics for measurement of all aspects of your business.
  • Learn how to understand and analyze your processes.
  • Learn the tools and methods for data measurement and analysis.
  • Systematically apply analytics to the data for making sound business decisions.
  • Learn the tools and methods for sustainable problem solving and continuous improvement.

Begin your training journey now by subscribing to Educate Virtually online training and knowledge transfer.

The suggested starting point is Teamwork and Communication. Start with a group of 10 employees for the minimum 20% corporate discount.

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