US Army - Training and Preparing Our Troops

August 11th, 2014


Lessons learned from the field were not incorporated into the correct training programs in a timely manner. The current state took over 9 months for lessons learned to be vetted and then included in the correct training curriculum at the correct school house to properly prepare the troops before going into harms way.


Build a team representing the major school houses throughout the Army to evaluate the lessons learned vetting process, course identification, and course implementation. The Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology was applied.

  • Deployment process mapping was applied and value add and non value add analysis was conducted.
  • Processing and cycle times were determined.
  • Leadership Command was interviewed to determine the Voice of the Customer and the requirements from a time delivery standpoint. Vetting should be no more than 30 days.  Incorporation into courses at the correct locations should be no more than 30 days.  The intial process sigma given these requirements was zero.
  • Creativity techniques were applied to develop potential solutions and FMEA was used to stress test potential solutions to identify the ones with the best chance of actually working.
  • New processes were designed and pilot tested at 3 school houses to prove the viability of the solution before rollout.

Solutions and Results:

The new vetting process conveting a lesson learned in the field into an actionable item in 6 days or less.  Trainer notes were used as the vehicle to rapidly incorporate the lessons learned into the correct courses at the correct school houses on a global basis. Actionable items were incorporated into the appropriate courses on a global basis within 6 days or completing the vetting process.  The overall process is completed in 12 days or less, versus the 9 months it took before the operations excellence improvements were implemented.  The final process sigma level was over 7.  The savings are measured in lives and there is no dollar value for that.