Big Data and Analysis

120 minutes


Big Data and Analysis introduces you to data collection and planning for your analysis. You must begin to think with the end game in mind to assure the capture of all the information needed for your analysis. You will learn ablout the types of data and the analysis methods that can be applied based upon the data type. Essential statistics are covered for business decision making. Three case studies are presented:

  • Promotional Marketing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics

This course gets you started in the field of Big Data and Analysis.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Big Data
  3. Data Collection and Analysis
  4. Operational Definitions
  5. Data Collection Planning
  6. Intro to Data Structure for Analysis
  7. Think Like a Database
  8. Types of Data and Analysis
  9. Essential Statistics
  10. Tracking Data over Time
  11. P Value Explained for Decision Making
  12. Chi Square and P Value Explained
  13. T Statistic and P Value Explaine
  14. Case Studies
  15. Promotional Marketing
  16. Sales Analysis
  17. Social Media
  18. Conclusion

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Big Data is.
  • Learn how to collect data
  • Learn what the different data types are and analysis methods for them
  • Learn how to structure the data for analysis
  • Learn essential statistics for business decision making
  • Gain insight from actual case studies


  • Analytics
  • Business Skills