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Our curriculums address the Operations Excellence training needs of Supervisors, Managers, and Individual Contributors within any organization. We offer a special pricing program for organizations that have 10 or more personnel. Educate Virtually provides customer focused training solutions that drive benefits to the bottom line. The Premium Annual subscription gives all of your registered personnel access to all courses, live webinar coaching sessions, and archives of coaching sessions. Courses that are 1 hour or longer provide CEU hours for maintaining professional certifications.

Premium Annual
(2 mths Free)
10 $500 20% $4,000
20 $500 25% $7,500
30 $500 30% $10,500
50 $500 35% $16,250
100 $500 40% $30,000
200 $500 45% $55,000
200 > $500 50%

Our University accredited Certification programs include:

  • Lean Six Sigma (Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts)
  • Kaizen Facilitator
  • Design for Six Sigma

Training curriculums can be designed to meet the needs of specific departments at any stage of the supply chain. To set up the program for your organization Contact Us Today!